Some are okay with the status quo, but you’re not one of them.  You understand the need for continual improvement.  In order to improve, you may need to increase your capacity or lifespan by incorporating new technology.  We want to help.  Early on, Thompson Dehydrating Company knew there had to be a better way, and they pursued it.  The alfalfa dehydrating companies that stayed in business in the 50s and 60s did so because they chose to incorporate the innovations that Thompson Dehydration Company had discovered. Those okay with status quo didn’t make it.  But Thompson’s innovations didn’t stop there; to this day Thompson is discovering new ways to improve capacity, efficiency, lifespan and safety all while decreasing emissions.

It’s a competitive place out there. You need an advantage. How do you get more with what you have? Thompson is here to guide your capacity upgrade and/or lifespan extension projects.  Shall you move forward or stay status quo?


Problems commonly seen in industry

Capacity issues:

  • Dryer not keeping up with desired production
  • Product damage/poor product quality
  • Product loss
  • Maxed capacity in thermal oxidizer or other secondary cleanup equipment
  • Emissions problems

Lifespan issues:

  • Dryer and/or components getting old
  • Frequent unplanned shutdowns

Problems no one seems to be able to identify:

  • What is that weird noise anyway?
  • Um. Do you smell that?

Unknowledgeable staff:

  • You did WHAT?
  • Why do I see smoke coming out of that conveyor?

Thompson’s remedies

Capacity Upgrades

  • Increase DDGS/biomass/woodchip/etc. production
  • Keep up with plant upgrades
  • Reduce emissions to stay inside permit
  • Modify controls system

Lifespan Extension

  • Drum repairs and replacements
  • Drum drive system repairs and replacements: chain, sprocket, drive, etc.
  • Trunnion wheels: repairs and replacements
  • Trunnion Bearings: replacements and/or redesign
  • Seals: replacement and/or redesign
  • Cyclones: replacements and repairs
  • Conveyors: replacements and repairs


  • For any dryer problem out there we haven’t specifically noted
  • It is likely we have encountered that problem before in our 68 years of existence and have a solution for it
  • Because our engineers need to bang their heads against the wall coming up with new solutions. Really. Because if we didn’t stretch our brains once in awhile they would go numb
  • Thompson has decades of experience in operating, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining dryer systems. We have been involved in numerous industries, both traditional and emerging.

Training: We recommend operators, maintenance staff, plant manager, production manager, and maintenance manager go through both trainings.  After training, your staff will be able to recognize when a dryer is functioning properly, when there’s a problem they can solve, and when to bring in the experts.

  • Maintenance Training: Thompson can train your dryer maintenance staff on the proper upkeep of a dryer system, no matter who manufactured it. We will teach about the maintenance of trunnion wheels, tires, bearings, cyclones, airlocks, lubrication and more.
  • Operation Training: This training focuses on proper operation of the dryer system and the philosophy behind it. Your operators will learn not just what to do and how to do it, but why to do it. This will help them run the dryer system more efficiently, producing the best quality of product while maintaining safety and the longevity of the dryer system.

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