Meet our first line of defense against poor dryer performance, reduced lifespan and wear: Aligning and Resurfacing.  Thompson’s Aligning and Resurfacing service for all rotary drying systems is the best available technology.  The ultimate goal of Aligning and Resurfacing is to create round surfaces, reduce vibrations, eliminate excess wear on trunnions and tires. While additionally helping extend the life of trunnion bearings, trunnions and the drum.  Aligning and Resurfacing is also the first step toward optimal seal performance, which affects the dryer’s efficiency, capacity and safety.  To keep your dryer Thompson Tough, you’ll want to use Thompson’s proprietary Aligning and Resurfacing service.

Let us do what we do best. Let your personnel do what they do best. We handle the alignment and resurfacing for you so you know your drum is in the best operating condition possible.


Problems commonly seen in industry

Trunnion and drum misalignment: Excessive travel of drum from front to back or excess pressure on one end and/or drum sitting too high/low

Tire & Trunnion Surfaces: Washboarding, grooving, rough spots, flaking, contact issues

Bumper Wheels: Prematurely worn bumper wheels, tire riding on bumper wheel

Seals: Prematurely worn seals, poor sealing surface

Thompson’s Remedies

Alignment decreases equipment wear and thrust, brings about a better sealing surface matchup, and eliminates stress on bumper wheels by ensuring minimal contact with tire

Laser Alignment: Thompson can perform a quick alignment if the dryer can not be taken offline for a precision alignment.

Precision Alignment: Using Thompson proprietary techniques, a Thompson crew will adjust bearings such that trunnion wheel shafts are parallel with each other and the drum axis.

Master Alignment: This is the Precision Alignment plus we make sure the Drum is level, i.e. not too high or too low.  The goal is to match the inlet and outlet as well as possible while keeping the drum perfectly horizontal. Expansion due to heat must be taken into account during this alignment activity.

Resurfacing requires no downtime during resurfacing activities; brings about increased equipment longevity; leaves smooth & round rolling surfaces; reduces vibration; and decreases thrust

Tires/tracks and Trunnion wheels: eliminate washboarding, grooves, rough spots, flaking, etc as well as point loading, all while making the tire and trunnion smooth and round w/in .001” runout

Seal ring: eliminate rough spots and places the seal can snag, all while smoothing and rounding for optimal performance. Improved sealing surfaces and concentricity means the seals works better; better seal = decreased fire risk, increased efficiency, decreased secondary cleanup load

Complementary Inspection:

  • Drum drive: drive chain tension check, drive teeth & sprocket wear check
  • Lubrication checks

**If you need a new trunnion wheel, bearing, or seal send us an email or call us

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