Thompson is a family business... that
means when we hire someone they
aren’t an employee, they’re really part
of the family.

Thompson Team…

We here at Thompson Dryers believe you should do work that you love. This couldn’t be more true for us… we love dryers! Well, ok, maybe not just the dryer itself, but the whole process. From the sales team building relationships with potential customers, engineers designing perfect and beautiful dryer solutions, fabricators crafting the toughest dryer on the market, our service engineers in the field making sure our customers dryers stay running in tip-top shape, our director of first impressions making sure customers from around the world feel they are part of the family, and to our multi generational leadership team dedicated to building a fiercely profitable company that places integrity and principles above.

We believe we’ve built the best team on the planet, and we’re excited to bring more team members in!

Open Team Member Positions

We have no open positions at this time. 

Please check back with us later.