Josh Thompson Featured on Ethanol Producer Magazine Webinar

Thompson Dryers' Chief Technology Officer, Josh Thompson was featured on Ethanol Producer Magazine's webinar "Dryers: Down to the Details" The webinar aired December 14th, 2017 To listen to the webinar  READ MORE

Thompson Dryers is Heading to F.E.W.

[FEW][Thompson Dryers]

We’re excited to announce that Thompson Dryers will be attending the Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo (F.E.W.) on June 19thREAD MORE

Thompson Dryers – Rotary Dryers System

Since 1945 Thompson Dryers have been pioneering drying; patenting, perfecting and servicing dryer systems across many industries. Take a tour around one of our single-pass rotary drying systems. We believe equipment should work li

Preventing Fires and Explosions Part 1


Introduction Uncontrolled and unplanned fires and explosions at your plant are undesirable.  The first and foremost reason to take measures to reduce and hopefully eliminate fires and e

Preventing Fires and Explosions Part 2


Introduction Last month we discussed why uncontrolled, unplanned fires and explosions are undesirable as well as some of the conditions that can lead to fires and explosions in direct-fire

Can I increase the capacity of my rotary DDGS dryer and what problems will that cause?

It is not as easy to increase the capacity of a rotary DDGS drying system as it may seem, as there are many factors at play. However, if you understand why each of the factors is important and how they affect capacity, the changes

DDGS Dryer Myths

The Dryer Expert has compiled some rampant myths about DDGS dryers.   You probably haven’t felt the need to validate any of these myths before. Well, we’ve done the work for you. READ MORE

DDGS Dryer: What is it and who uses it?

A DDGS (distillers dried grains w/ solubles) dryer is anything that happens to take the moisture content of WDGS (wetcake, wet distillers grains w/ solubles, the goop leftover after the starches and sugars have been removed from g