We want to raise the bar for the standards
our customers expect when purchasing
industrial equipment and services.

Thompson is COMMITTED…

to our heritage

Thompson started in 1945 with the vision of Walter “Ted” Thompson. Back then he believed that, “Equipment should work like it is supposed to.” This belief is a huge part of Thompson today. We make industrial equipment and we believe this means it must have an expected useful life with little or no repair of at least 10 years at 8400-hours-per-year operation. We even had one drum that was in service for 60 years.

to innovation…
For almost 40 years, we performed all aspects of production at our three alfalfa plants from planting to pelletizing, even marketing and sales. At the same time we continued to build equipment both for our own plants and for sale. This combination gave us a comprehensive knowledge of operating a production facility and a unique opportunity to experiment with our dryers, innovate our methods, and modernize our equipment. In the early 1980s we stopped our alfalfa production choosing to focus on developing new dryer technology resulting in dozens of patents issued worldwide. Some of our innovations include:

  • First company to successfully install exhaust gas recycle (EGR) on a dryer system
  • Developed low inlet temperature drying to lower emissions and protect product quality
  • Integrated Thermal Oxidizer (ITO) as part of the drying system
  • Design of drum structure that allows for long life without excessive repairs
  • Developed technology to improve cyclone efficiency
  • USDA Approved heat-based Phytosanitation process
  • Developed continuous torrefaction process

Today this tradition continues as we research and develop new drying technologies. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our reputation as the unsurpassed industry leader in quality and reliability.

to our customers…
We don’t want to do a good job, we strive to do a great job that will “raise the standards our customers expect when purchasing industrial equipment.” We firmly believe that our systems will give your company the best opportunity of being successful. We know our equipment matters to the men and women that use it, the plant’s business partners, and their communities. Because of this we challenge ourselves to do a better job each time and the best way to do that is raise the expectations of the market place. We want to make sure our equipment works the way we told you it will; the way you expect it to.

to our team…
Thompson is a family business and that means when we hire someone they aren’t an employee, they’re part of the team and really part of the Thompson family. We have a 12 step hiring process for new people because we want to make sure we get the best, for our team and for our customers. You know what, it works! We have assembled a great team of people who are excited to work together to bring excellence to you and your company.

…We like to have fun too 🙂