Most people would agree that a rotary drum dryer, with 25 – 50 tons of steel and welds, looks pretty darn tough.  On closer inspection, this is not always the case.  Due to cyclic loading, heat stresses and point loading, a rotary drum dryer is susceptible to structural deficiencies.  Just like chips in your windshield will eventually propagate into a full crack, high stress on a point weakness in a dryer drum could propagate into a life-threatening drum crack.  Keep cracks at bay using Thompson’s structural repair technology to keep your drum rotating longer.

Thompson’s structural repair technology is the best available. The ability to fix the problem and ensure it does not reoccur by eliminating the causes of the failures, such as flexing and point loading.  Both external and internal inspections are a must. Not only can the head plate, shell and tires crack on the outside, but the head plate, shell and spokes can crack internally.  Any cracking must be repaired immediately, but a simple welding job may not last long.  Thompson has many years of experience repairing and preventing drum cracks, not just patching them.


Problems commonly seen in industry

Drum Cracks, in and around:

  • Shell
  • Head Plate
  • Tire
  • Internals: Spokes, flights
  • Seal Ring
  • Welds

Drum Structural Deficiencies

  • Flexing
  • Excessive internal and external shell wear up to and including being able to see light through the shell
  • Bent spokes
  • Broken or missing flights


  • Walking
  • Worn or Missing Tire Shims

Drum Drive Cracks

  • Teeth and Teeth support ring
  • Welds
  • Sprocket

Thompson’s Remedies

Crack Repairs: Repair existing cracks to keep your drum rotating and producing RIGHT NOW

    • Drum Shell
    • Head Plate
    • Tire
    • Welds

Fix drum structural deficiencies: Prevent future cracks and flexing so you don’t have to keep spending your maintenance budget on fixing the same thing over and over

    • Installation of Internal and/or External Drum Structural Enhancers (Rings or RATS)
    • Patch worn shell portions

Replacement Parts: for when an item has outlived its useful life

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