Your drum is tired and starting to show its age.  You have realized the day has come where continuous repairs and shutdowns won’t cut it anymore. You need to start looking toward a long-term solution. It might be time to replace the drum.

Thompson has perfected rotary drum design and manufacturing for carbon steel and stainless steel drums.  The tire is incorporated into the structure of the drum. This adds strength, roundness and rigidity to the shell, instead of floating on the shell and potentially increasing the point stresses on the shell over time.  Because of this design our drums do not flex. The drums are not susceptible to the usual problems that occur in 5-7 years.  A Thompson drum can increase your product quality and capacity significantly with our proprietary high capacity flighting systems. The drum can be designed to have the same footprint as your current drum and can be placed on your existing trunnion bases or you can opt to have those replaced as well.


Problems commonly seen in industry

Worn drum

  • Excessive cracking – head plate, shell, welds, spokes, RATS
  • Wear points
  • Light showing through to interior
  • Thin shell spots
  • Walking tire
  • Worn or missing shims
  • Shims falling out
  • Out of round
  • Flaking anywhere
  • Heat stress and damage
  • Broken or missing flights
  • Broken or missing drive teeth
  • Excessive vibration
  • Shaking while rotating
  • Flexing while rotating

Poor product flow characteristics

  • Low throughput
  • Capacity decreases
  • Inconsistent product ending moisture
  • Product surges
  • Poor product quality
  • Product losses
  • Low outlet temp (>180°F)

Thompson’s Remedies

Replace your drum!

  • Design a direct replacement so there is no need to modify the inlet, outlet, or location of trunnion bases
  • Incorporates tire into drum structure for a very strong, rigid, structural support and increased lifespan
  • Includes internal structural support also for increased lifespan
  • Includes high-capacity flighting for better flow characteristics and increased capacity
  • Includes heat shields to facilitate use of rubber belting seals for increased seal effectiveness
  • Includes screw-back flights for rock removal (typically used in biomass and forestry industries) to decrease downstream maintenance cost

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