The Thompson Way

WE BELIEVE Equipment should work like it’s supposed to.  Thompson Dehydrating Co., Inc (now known as Thompson Dryers) started because W.T. Thompson purchased drying equipment that didn’t work like it was supposed to. So, he made it work like it was supposed to. Then other people wanted him to make their dryers work like they were supposed to, so he fixed their dryers to make them work like they were supposed to. Then even more people wanted his dryers, he started manufacturing dryers that worked like they were supposed to. And Thompson Dryers still does; to this day.

WE BELIEVE Our products & services need to satisfy the market. If, in the early days, no one had needed a dryer that worked like it was supposed to, Thompson Dryers would not exist as we know it today, or at all. When Thompson started it was with the intention to process and sell alfalfa, but Thompson realized there was a need from other dryer owners for a better product.  We realized other alfalfa processors and our mutual customers needed a better end product, and decided to provide a solution to the industry.

WE BELIEVE You deserve the best equipment.  According to dictionary.com, deserve is: to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance,punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation.  You are an asset to your community and want to do good in the world. You DESERVE the equipment that will give you the best opportunity to do so. We define the best equipment as what will produce the most desirable product, with least impact to the environment, while making you the most money possible and cost as little as can be in operation, repairs and maintenance, therefore giving you the highest ROI possible.