“You can’t expect what you don’t inspect” is a very popular saying because it’s true. We have found all sorts of things that hinder performance or reliability during our inspections. Often what is considered “normal” in a dryer, may in fact be normal, but it isn’t right and could be improved tremendously.

Inspections are the #1 defense against unplanned shutdowns.  Dryer operators are out there every day walking around the system, taking samples, and checking everything out. Alert and knowledgeable dryer operators will notice when something isn’t right and can pass the information along to the right channel.  But, every once in awhile, you will need a dryer expert that knows what to look for and where, and whether a certain issue should be dealt with immediately or can be left alone for a time.


Problems commonly seen in industry

Drum head plate, shell, tires: Cracks, flexing, walking tires, shim wear

Drum internals: broken or missing flights, cracks in spokes, internal cracks, shell wear, gas flow and throughput problems, capacity drops

Trunnions and bases: Frequent bearing failures, signs of trunnion wear, uneven bases

Drum Drive System: chain tension or pulling, broken or worn teeth, sprocket wear or cracks, out of alignment

Outlet hopper/drop box: too much product carryover, capacity drops

Cyclones: plugging, too much product carryover, capacity drops

Ductwork, dampers and fans: Gas flow and throughput problems, capacity drops

Burner and combustion chamber: broken or missing refractory, gas flow and throughput problems, capacity drops

Mixers and conveyors: product flow issues, plugging

Seals and seal rings: broken seals, seals on ground — not doing much good, seal rings out of round, poor seal, gaps between seal and sealing surfaces


  • Frequent issues with the same piece of equipment
  • Strange noises – thumping, woofing, clunking, squeaking, etc
  • Vibration and shaking
  • Frequent fires and/or explosions
  • Pretty much anything else having to do with a dryer system

Thompson’s Remedies

What can you expect? We have been able to increase lifespan, capacity, structural integrity and seal effectiveness when plants follow our recommendations based on our inspections.  Plants have seen decreased maintenance cost and decreased down time after implementing our strategies.

Free Inspections (for new customers — call us to see if you qualify)

External Inspections – if you can’t shut the system down

Internal and External Inspections

Consulting – For the problems you can’t solve on your own

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