Thompson knows rotary drum dryers and dryer parts. We have been on the cutting edge of dryer technology since we started in 1945. Most of the improvements to rotary drum dryers since that time have come from Thompson.  The most important technology has been the long-life rotary dryer drum with high capacity flighting, the high capacity AND high efficiency cyclones, PLC programming and dryer controls, low-emissions drying (this requires more than one replacement part), and ability to use rubber seals.

Much as we would all like for our dryer systems to last forever, that’s an unrealistic goal. Components wear out and need to be replaced. Or, technology improves and you can increase performance, efficiency, reliability, safety, etc. by replacing a part or two. We won’t bore you with everyday, off-the-shelf parts, but we got you covered for those components that need a bit extra thought, design, or customization. Here’s a brief list of components which will help you and your plant by increasing one or more of the following: capacity, reliability, safety, and efficiency.


Problems commonly seen in industry

Drum: drum falling apart, excessive drum cracking, inconsistent outfeed, decreased outlet temperature, product damage, product loss, product balling, decreased capacity

Trunnions: surface flaking, shaft wear or cracking

Trunnion bearings: frequent failures, slop

Trunnion bases:  uneven

Seals: Short seal life, poor seal, gaps between seal and sealing surfaces

Drum Drive System: stretched chains, broken teeth, sprocket problems

Outlet Hopper / Drop Box: poor product separation, fires and explosions

Cyclones and Airlocks: particulate in recycle gases, particulate in thermal oxidizer / secondary cleanup

Fans: Buildup, low efficiency, high energy usage, decreased capacity

Ductwork: buildup or black goo coming from ductwork, fires and explosions

Dampers: blockage, excessive buildup, poor gas flow, decreased throughput

Combustion Chamber: refractory problems, thermal damage to product, inconsistent temperature profile, burner skirt problems

Mixers and conveyors: broken or bent flighting, plugging, bent shaft

Instrumentation: Broken, inoperable, faulty instrumentation

Thompson’s Remedies

We supply and install any of the following parts to take care of the following common problems

Drum: Replacement (includes high capacity flights) should alleviate

  • Excessive drum cracking
  • Drum falling apart
  • Buildup or black goo coming from ductwork
  • Fires and explosions

Head Plates: Should alleviate

  • Broken head plates
  • Flexing
  • Cracking

High capacity flights: should alleviate

  • Ductwork buildup or black goo coming from ductwork
  • Inconsistent outfeed
  • Product damage
  • Product loss
  • Product balling
  • Decreased capacity
  • Decreased/low outlet temperature
  • Fires and explosions

Trunnions: Replacement trunnion wheels should alleviate

  • Trunnion shrinkage from resurfacing
  • Surface imperfections
  • Shaft imperfections and cracking or wear

Trunnion Bearings: Long-life trunnion bearings should alleviate

  • Frequent bearing failures
  • Wear on trunnion shafts

Trunnion Bases: Provides level support for trunnion bearings, allowing for longer bearing life

Seals & Seal Brackets: should alleviate

  • Decreased capacity
  • Decreased outlet temperature
  • Short seal life
  • Elevated oxygen levels
  • Fires and explosions

Drum Drive System:

  • Chain replacements

Outlet Hopper / Drop Box: replacement Outlet Hopper should alleviate

  • Poor product separation
  • Fires and explosions

Cyclones and airlocks: High capacity cyclones and airlocks should alleviate

  • Particulate in recycle gases
  • Particulate in thermal oxidizer / secondary cleanup
  • Fires and explosions

Fans: Replacement fans should alleviate

  • Ductwork, fan housing, and fan blade buildup
  • Low efficiency
  • High energy usage
  • Decreased capacity

Combustion Chamber: Replacement CC should alleviate

  • Refractory problems,
  • Thermal damage to product,
  • Inconsistent temperature profile,
  • Burner skirt problems

Combustion Chamber: Replacement burner skirts

Mixers and conveyors: replacement mixers, conveyors, or internals should alleviate

  • Broken or bent flighting
  • Plugging
  • Bent shafts

Instrumentation: Replacement instrumentation (Thermocouples, Dp pressure, Zero speed switches, Level indicators) should alleviate

  • Broken, inoperable, faulty instrumentation
  • Fires and explosions
  • Dampers: New instrumentation and control loops can replace the need for dampers and alleviate blockage, excessive buildup, poor gas flow, decreased throughput

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