"Equipment should work like it's supposed to." W.T. Thompson

We want to raise the bar for the standards our customers expect when purchasing industrial equipment. Basically, Thompson believes equipment should work like it’s supposed to and that our customers should make money as a result of using our equipment and services.

We believe that you deserve the best equipment, which we define as what will produce the most desirable product, with least impact to the environment, while making you the most money possible and cost as little as can be in operation, repairs and maintenance, therefore giving you the best ROI.

And how does Thompson assure that we are raising the bar, giving our customers the best equipment, and making sure that equipment works like it’s supposed to? By designing and manufacturing our equipment to be Thompson Tough.  Thompson tough equipment is resilient and strong and built to last.

How is Thompson equipment resilient? We’ve had rotary drum dryers online for 20+ years with no significant repairs to the dryer drum. Many drums have changed hands through the years because they just kept going. Our drums have probably traveled more than most people.

How is Thompson equipment strong? There are lots of good crane operators out there. But accidents happen. When a brand new Thompson drum was being lifted for installation, the crane operator accidentally dropped it twice. Because of it’s Thompson Tough design and manufacture, not only did the drum survive the ordeal, it went on to operate for years with no major structural problems.

Your business will thrive with a Thompson Tough dryer because it spends the majority of its time online and is quite useable to the operators with easy to understand controls and automated processes. A Thompson Tough dryer is always game for the product you want dried and will go at it like the workhorse it is.